Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow joke

Yes folks, the white stuff that our 'northern bloggers' have been telling us about has finally arrived amongst the pearly king and queens, Barbara Windsor and the Krays. Even the posh people sitting in their Barbour jackets had to put down their frappacino's to stare in amazement as flakes of whiteness, known locally as the 'northern ague', started to settle on the gold-paved streets. The 1cm deep drifts stopped traffic in its tracks, reminding us of the terrible winter storm of 2009 when several millimetres of snow ground London's airports to a three-month standstill. I can now reveal that, after several minutes of the worst London winter on record, there are 27 different words in the Cockney language for 'snow'...


  1. Ho ho ho. I see that the frost in Cardiff has abated. And in Truro the rumour of winter was a false alarm. Maybe next year eh...

  2. It was notable that after a week of 10-12 inches of snow, hazardous roads and some interesting driving conditions my wife received an email from her {london based) head office today advising everyone of the adverse weather and how to deal with it. The reply is unprintable on a family blog such as yours Steve.

  3. Chaps, London-centric doesn't even start to do justice to it...