Saturday, 14 May 2011

Alsike as a parrot

Beddington again, this time sans telescope so that I could concentrate on recording the flora. Frankie once again joined me, hastening much mockery from the birding hardcore ('Bill and Ben, the flowerpot men' was the kindest moniker given). We went forth regardless...

Quite a bit was new for the year, a few highlights being Grass Vetchling, Lucerne, Caper Spurge, Blue-water Speedwell, Meadow Vetchling and Alsike Clover (pictured above showing off the long stalked infloresence; and the leaf shape below).

Birds were not totally ignored. Both Wood Sandpiper and Ringed Plover showed well on the Northern Lake, a 'Commic' Tern flew through southwards and a Spotted Flycatcher performed on the western perimiter fence.

I made sure that I was back home in time to watch my late Father's football team, Stoke City, take on the Sheik's XI from Moss Side. It would have been good to see the Potters turn them over, but they didn't really turn up. Stoke's reward however is the poisoned chalice that is the Europa League. I want Tottenham to lose to Liverpool tomorrow so that we don't have to enter it and put up with a season littered with Thursday night trips to Latvia followed by Sunday afternoon drubbings in the north-west.


  1. I have never got to grips with Alsike Clover, it's not on my list. Is it one of these things that's common and I'm just overlooking it or is it genuinly scarce?

  2. Hi Graeme, it is one of those species that is easy to overlook, although can be locally scarce. The long infloresence stalk is a dead give away though. Regards, Steve

  3. Commic Terns! Come on Steve, you get a key out to id a weevil but lump terns...tut tut tut :)

  4. Stewart, it was at least a mile away, honest!! OK, I'm spending so much time looking at algae, smuts and weevils that I cannot identify any birds any longer...