Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dryad's Saddle

The Dryad's Saddle (above), was found in Nonsuch Park, Cheam, this afternoon. It's a much better specimen than the one I saw yesterday in Banstead Woods. A small child could easily sit on it (although I wouldn't recommend it as they would fall straight through it). I'm getting quite excited by fungiat the moment and seem to spend far more time looking on the ground for them than anything else natural history related at the moment.


  1. What a fantastic name. I will use that in future eg - 'My gob is as dry as a Dryad's Saddle'...

  2. Steve, thought you might be interested in this Devon pan-listing blog. It's written by someone I know and has been running all year, yet I've only just unearthed it. Light under bushel!

  3. Stewart, fungi have all the cool names...

    Gavin, thanks for the prompt. Oh, and I've nicked your tab idea. I didn't know we could!