Thursday, 12 January 2012

Police in Calshot sparrow warning

Hampshire police today released an 'artist's impression' of what they fear the crowd scenes at the village of Calshot may be like if the Spanish Sparrow remains until the weekend. Locals have been warned that a 'vast army of middle-aged men dressed like Ray Mears' might arrive on site. In a totally unrelated incident, 45-year old Ray Dobie from Gosport was arrested for possessing an illegal aviary of exotic birds, including several Dark-eyed Juncos, White-throated Sparrows and several species obtained on a recent Spanish holiday.


  1. I'm planning a dawn run down the M3 for this and the Junco. I promised myself I wouldn't follow the masses on these big twitches, but I can't resist two megas in one day not that far from home. I fear I may be joined by the crowd in the pic above being a Saturday, though, which is a big negative.

  2. Neil, I hope you score with both - you deserve it after the Christmas that you had. Good luck mate!

  3. Thanks Steve, but you may have spoke too soon. Just discovered blood splatter on the carpet - our other cat may be sneezing blood, so it's now off to the vets first thing tomorrow morning...