Friday, 24 February 2012

Dude moth ticking

The MV trap didn't produce the egg-cartons full that I hoped for, but never the less, three species were recorded, including an out-and-out lifer. Before you start wondering if I've jammed in on a Levant Blackneck, let me remind you that I'm looking at micros this year, and there are many, many common species that I've yet to record - so that is why Agonopterix heracliana is new. Also last night were Tortricodes alternella and Hebrew Character.

(Macro: 2 Micro: 3)


  1. Just two moths in my garden traps - complete pants considering the conditions!

  2. Have you got the trap out again tonight Steve? I've submitted several (nailed on for me) Agonopterix heracliana records to Graham Collins, but he has'nt accepted any (even though on one I checked the hindwing also aparently A ciliella is very localised by comparison. I guess he prefers to chop them up. It'll be interesting to see what the new book says - can't wait.

  3. Mel: photos in next post. Bet you can't wait...

    Skev: it's the curse of suburbia

    Jerry: Graham is a stickler for 100% accuracy which is why he is the recorder no doubt!