Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dewick's and Rosy

Dewick's Plusia

Rosy Wave
You might be getting a bit tired of these Dungeness moths by now (at least those of you that are still left visiting this ailing blog), so I promise that this will be the final revisiting of my 'summer sojourn'. The first image is a bit of a cheat as the Dewick's Plusia actually came from Sissinghurst, some dozen miles inland. I had seen this species before, back in 1988, from Greatstone, where it had settled on the glass of a lit window of an estate agents shop. The second moth is of one of three Rosy Waves that were trapped in Barry Banson's Greatstone garden. I helped him process his two traps each morning which was tremendous fun and very rewarding. Back to more local stuff from now, and with a scorchio weekend promised maybe something of note will come along...


  1. More more encore! I like the moth posts Steve...its all a learning curve for me. That Dewicks is like a Gold Spangle a bit...

  2. Bless you Stewart, it makes it all worth while. Now, I'd swap a Dewick's for a Gold Spangle...

  3. Hang on, what about more plants and maybe even the odd bird from the Dunge month?

    The rest of the blogging world is mumbling quietly over their last night's catch - we look to you for your holiday pics.

  4. OK Steve, seeing that Stewart and yourself want more (and it must be said you are both discerning gents), I will carry on plundering the Dungeness month for posts.