Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Just to put us pan listers in place, recent research into the oceans plankton has revealed that there are considerably more than the 30,000 species that were estimated to be on earth - this has been increased to a staggering one and a half million! You can read and see all about it here.

While on the subject of pan listing, MapMate, the UK's natural history recording software of choice, lists 56,000 species on its database. The pan-listing leader, Jonty Denton has only just got past 10,000. One lifetime is just not enough...


  1. It's not easy to work out what the total British and Irish pan-species list is but I think 80,000 is a good working estimate. It's a humbling thought when you look at our pan-species lists!

  2. 80,000? Just under 77,000 to go then...