Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lord of the Owls

So, I've just taken the picture above (as I'm scanning for owls at Amberley Wild Brooks) and a woman, walking a couple of dogs, approaches me.

Woman: "What are you looking for?"

Me: "Owls"

Woman (with much joy and incredulity on her face): "ELVES!!!"

When I explained to her that I was actually looking for owls she seemed terribly disappointed. She no doubt thought that the Lord of the Rings trilogy was, in fact, a documentary...

I managed to see two Barn Elves but unfortunately no Short-eared Elves. Maybe they are still quartering the open ground at Hobbiton.


  1. Priceless!

    Mind you, imagine if a long-cherished hope was seemingly fulfilled...then horribly crushed a moment later. You cruel man. :o)

  2. I expect she's from Muddle-earth Steve. Mind you, I'd love to see an Elf Owl but I think Amberley is probably a bit short on cacti.

  3. Yes Gav, cruelty is my middle name...

    Jerry, you make a valid point there!

  4. This made me LOL! Quite an achievement on a wet dismal day :)

  5. The weather is even worse today Sarah, no chance of elves at all...

  6. Elves exist!

    To see them well you need to indulge in a four pack of cheap lager.