Friday, 14 December 2012

Blog recommendations

I said that I wouldn't post again until next year, so, true to my word, here I am posting again in 2012. I've added a couple of additional blogs to my 'worthy' list.

The first is Marcus Lawson's bird and moth blog from Poole in Dorset. He's just moved there from Kent, where he was a terribly keen and active birder, so Dorset had better watch out. It will make a change if someone regularly finds something special away from Portland.

Second is a blog based on Morgan's Hill in Wiltshire. I have a soft spot for these chalk downs having spent quite a few happy hours on nearby Pewsey Downs in the company of Burnt Orchids, Adonis Blues and flocks of declining farmland birds. I'll be intrigued to read what occurs on Morgan's Hill next year.

I'm on the look out for some other blogs to add to the 'worthy' list that will add a bit of spice to my surfing which does not necessitate the clearing of my web history...

Most of my recent posts have not been backed-up by any photographs - most remiss of me. Therefore I give you the roots of a beech tree, looking very Tolkienesque and slightly topical seeing that 'The Hobbit' has just been released at the cinema. This was taken on my beloved North Downs, just below Mickleham Downs. In the summer months there would be Bird's-nest Orchid here.


  1. Many thanks for the mention of my Morgan's Hill blog. I very much appreciate it. I'll just take a little time to browse your blog. Looks really interesting.

  2. Thanks Nick, I'll keep an eye on Morgan's Hill via your posts - good luck!

  3. This week I have been dreaming that I was writing about the Hobbit. I must have been Tolkien in my sleep...