Monday, 13 July 2015

Lacking respect?

Do I detect that social media - in particular the twin evil axis of Facebook and Twitter - are turning even the most competent and level headed of naturalists into greedy consumers and show-offs? There has been for a while, and continues to be, a mania for posting 'selfies' with the target species. An orchid photo isn't complete without a gurning botanist's face inches away from the plant, or a rare hawk-moth hanging off of the entomologist's nose. Or even worse, the positioning of a line of moths on a wall (recently Bordered Straws or any hawk-moths you care to mention) to underline just what a good night's haul it has been, (Strictly Moth Dancing?) To me this smacks of turning our wildlife into a performing circus and lacks a certain amount of respect for it. I am also concerned that in certain elevated quarters the rush to obtain, consume and tick is becoming reminiscent of a seabird feeding frenzy - all panic and no savouring of what is on offer. Am I just being a misery guts? Do I need to lighten up?

This belter turned up in the garden MV last night - Oncocera semirubella, a pyralid that is localised to the chalk. I couldn't quite bring myself to dangle exposed parts of my body over the moth, and didn't have enough of them so that they could be arranged into the shape of a dick. Sorry...


  1. Steve,
    There is so much I could say - but won't! "Told you so" should be adequate for the time being.
    Love, peace and lentil soup - Dyl

  2. Sadly 'twas always so!! Nice moth Steve!

  3. I find a lot of the pro twitchers tend to be not terribly in to interacting with the low end amateurs like me!

  4. Your comments come as no surprise to many of us Steve, the digital camera era has spawned a whole generation of David Attenborough wanna-bees who seem to think that getting a close up photograph of something turns them into an expert naturalist. Fortunately I haven't felt the need to join the Facebook/Twitter world and so I have been spared the examples that you mention, I mean, lining moths up on a wall? bit like the old gamekeeper's gibbet isn't it,

  5. Thanks for the comments! Is it an age thing? I don't know how old you are Simon, but the rest of us are quite clearly the wrong side of 50 - and in some cases 60!