Sunday, 15 November 2015

I'm back and he's back

Farewell to the shingle - I'll be back soon...

I can confirm that, after being away for three and a half weeks, Banstead and Surrey still exist, minus a lot of leaves. I left trees full of 'em and now they mostly stand skeletal in the wind and rain.

It is always exciting when a great band reforms or a favourite TV series returns and the same can be said of a good blog. Always a favourite of mine, Not Quite Scilly disappeared two years ago when its author, Gavin Haig, pulled the plug. But now he's back! Click here to see how this blogging lark should really be done. 

Finally, an apology for the lack of images accompanying my posts over the last few weeks, but I was having trouble with uploading them to Blogger via an iPad. Now back home there shouldn't be a problem. 


  1. I used to read Mr. Haig before and yes, he does have a witty turn of phrase which makes his blogs enjoyable to read but those photographs! - that'd be my worst nightmare bumping into a rabble like that. Mind you, those people selling woolly hats and "I've been to Scilly " badges must be missing the trade.

    1. Well there you are Derek - a business opportunity to supplement the pension!

  2. Welcome back yourself Steve, and many thanks for the plug! :-)

  3. A potential threat to your title, Steve...