Thursday, 24 March 2016

Wait awhile in early Spring

I've been spending a bit of time in the garden recently, tidying up from the neglect of winter. A bit of cutting back; raking up leaves that dropped after the autumn winds or were blown out of their hiding places by winter gusts; reducing the rampant ivy; giving the lawns their first trim of the year (although neither modest affairs would win any awards, being more moss and tree root than grass); cleaning out bird feeders and topping up the ones in use; clearing the pond of floating debris (this doesn't take long as it is very small indeed). Wherever I looked, there were signs of the season ramping up - buds where there were no buds just a few days ago, leaves unfurling, flower unveiling. A bit of sun and the attendant warmth enticed Brimstones and Small Tortoiseshells out of hibernation. If I actually switched the moth trap on (I haven't so far this year) there would no doubt be the usual suspects to greet me, the Hebrew Characters, the Clouded Drabs and the Common Quakers. The season is getting ready to progress further, and within just a matter of weeks all will be a riot of growth and colour. This time of year sees a speeding up of change, when the muted palette of winter is well and truly condemned to the memory. Treasure it, because as each day passes the changes occur faster than you can take in. Colour swapped for other colour, growth for other growth, one suite of species to make way for another. Life in a humble garden may never stop, but the freshness and newness of Spring is a special time. Sometimes it is tempting to want to fast forward to Swifts, orchids and chalk downland slopes full of buzz and perfume. But be patient. Wait awhile in early Spring. There is plenty of time for all of that.

Not taken today, but during a previous summer. All asleep at the moment, but soon to stir...


  1. Well you're a lot more optimistic than I am Steve, we've only had the one glorious day here on Sheppey this week and it certainly hasn't tempted much out. As I write this, we have grey skies and rain has started and is set to continue through tonight. There is a severe weather warning for the South East on Saturday with gales and heavy rain showers and similar for Monday. I think we're in the two steps back stage at the moment.

    1. Since I've posted that Derek, it's turned wet, dull and cold here as well!

  2. And after my comments yesterday, the weather makes me look like a liar. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous but I've had a first Peacock butterfly in the garden.

  3. and then today we get Storm Katie - what's going on!