Thursday, 11 May 2017

Euphorbia whatsthisthen?

A few plants from Priest Hill. First up is a showy spurge, about knee-high and clearly originally from cultivated stock. I cannot identify it, so if you are reading this and think that you know what it is, please let me know!

The second species is the blue-flowered form of Scarlet Pimpernel (not the full-blown sub-species). I had not seen this before and was rather taken aback by the intensity of the blue - not quite Alpine Gentian, but not far off!

Lastly is Henbit Dead-nettle, a remnant here from the days when it used to be cultivated farmland.


  1. Hi Steve, is that Filago pyramidata growing around the Pimpernel? :-o

  2. Not Euphorbia oblongata is it? I've seen that growing on Portland, just by the Seven Kings pub.

    1. Glad you think that Seth, as that is my 'guess' too.