Tuesday, 31 August 2010

9868 and counting

9868 - that's the species total of all the wildlife seen in the UK by one Jonty Denton. He is top of the pile for such full on listing and you may wonder how he finds the time to sleep, breathe and eat if he is identifying every rotifer, smut and beetle that he comes across. This is impressive enough, but get this - he also has 1540 model aircraft, 100 British railway locomotives and has visited every English Cathedral. Obsessives? Don't you just love 'em. If you want to read more about Jonty and those other big listers visit http://markgtelfer.co.uk


  1. Seconded, like Gavin Haig you too have been missed. Is this the second coming prophesied or I am getting confused?

  2. Thanks chaps. I'm more than a little surprised to receive any comments at all as I haven't told anybody that I'm blogging again. Your fingers are obviously on the pulse...