Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Back again

In March this year I pulled the plug on my blog 'North Downs and beyond'. It had become, after almost two years of posting, a bit of a chore. But I now find myself wanting to add yet more inane wittering to the already crowded and bloated world wide web. I said I wouldn't do it again. But I was reminded of the Olympic oarsman Steve Redgrave, who once said,"If anybody sees me getting into a boat again, you have my permission to shoot me". Well, he did get back in...


  1. I think my computer's got a virus - that Gale bloke's blog has reappeared.

    Good to see you back, Steve!

  2. Does that mean if any of us see you, we are able to take a pop at you ;-)

    No, welcome back Steve. Your witterings have been missed.

  3. Thanks Steve and Dean. It's good to be back. When I sort myself out I will relink all of my blogging chums.