Thursday, 24 February 2011

Last night's haul

The garden MV produced: single Clouded Drab (pictured), Hebrew Character, Common Quaker, Spring Usher and Dotted Border, plus two each of The Chestnut and March Moth. Also, from the micro department a Light Brown Apple Moth and another that I've yet to tackle. A fair start to the garden moth year.


  1. Sounds good - almost tempting a personal interest in the subject! Saw my first Brimstone butterflies of the year at Thursley Common this afternoon - not sure if that's significant or not!

  2. Great haul, once you start seeing those Clouded Drab you know that Spring is just around the corner! a favourite moth of mine as they are so variable.
    Look out for Lead-coloured Drab too which will be out soon!

  3. Neil: I would urge anybody to take an interest in lepidoptera. You wouldn't regret it.

    Benny: I've only had two Lead-coloured Drabs in the garden since 1987!

  4. Steve, you tend to keep your moth-light under your bushel, so to speak. I hope you give us novices the benefit of your experience more often this year....