Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bowing to pressure

I didn't post last night because I was out having a drink in 'that there London', pretending to be a normal person who doesn't trap moths in his garden with a bright light; who also doesn't hang around with middle-aged men at a sewage farm; and neither do I prise bits of moss out of the ground and place them in a plastic bag; or even look at the reproductive organs of flowers through a hand lens...

So, two night ago the MV did quite well, with Tortricodes alternella (8), Amblyptilia acanthadactyla (2), Emmelina monodactyla* (3), March Moth* (2), Dotted Border* (1, pictured above), Hebrew Character (1). Those marked with an * were year ticks. I have also bent to severe pressure from someone who lives in the north-east to drop the micro/macro split, so, the back garden moth year list moves on to

11 species (all moths, no difference)

PS, note to Mr Sexton. Where do you stand on the italicization of Latin names?


  1. Brilliant Steve, dont you feel better! I'm fine with italics, in fact I see a cause coming on...I've been to London once, in 1974...I wonder if its changed....

  2. Stewart: the good news is that the streets of London are still paved with gold. Not so good news is that Dick Whittington's cat died in 1996.

  3. I imagine its pubs are still full of pearly kings and queens eating jellied eels and singing along to chas and dave. People running up the 'apples and pears' and shouting 'knock it on the 'ead son'. What a friendly place it must be....I hope you had a right old sing song...

    Shame about the cat though...Must dash, the whippet wants out and there's pigeons to be fed...