Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Epiphyas postvittana...

... is finally on the garden moth year list taking me up to 17 species.

It's been a strange week. With spring yelling out at me with sunshine, bees, flowers, butterflies and warmth, I'm feeling decidedly underwhelmed. Content, yes. Enjoying it all, yes. But still slightly detatched from it all. I'll never understand myself, so what chance has anybody else of doing so...


  1. Steve, how could you feel underwhelmed when you've notched up a Light Brown Apple? ... quite easily really.

  2. Not had that yet. Was a good night last night in the fog though with the most I have had so far this year. Two each of Small and Common Quaker plus an Early Grey. Wasps, bees and hovers all coming out are starting to get me going a bit. Still tired from last year though.

  3. Jerry: it isn't the most inspiring moth, is it.

    Andrew: I'm not surprised you are still jaded from last years efforts. Glad to see another post just pop up!