Saturday, 30 March 2013

It's back!

This picture might not win any awards, but to me it is 'garden gold'. I glanced out of a window this morning and was delighted to see that 'our' Black Redstart had returned. After hopping about on the front lawn in perched on a neighbouring wall and allowed me to grab the camera and take a few record shots - against the light unfortunately. This bird has now been in the area for 10 days (seen on only three of those days). My wife and I have been keeping an eye out for it since the last sighting (Monday afternoon and evening), so I think it's fair to say that our garden is but a small part of its regular routine. As far as we're concerned, it's welcome to drop by whenever it wants!


  1. ...and I was pleased with my female Reed Bunting in the garden. I think you trumped me Steve.

  2. Stunner. Heard there has been a male kicking about the Epsom area this week- might just have to try and hunt him down.

  3. I didn't see the Pound Lane bird yesterday, but seeing as your bird has put in a protracted stay I now feel hopeful that my one may reappear too. Glad you got your pic!

  4. Beaut! Quite envious. Nice photo too!

    I think you should be proud of your photo quality Steve. Yesterday's portrait was amazing! Sharp, well-exposed...evidence of tremendous field skills when you can get that close ;o)

  5. Get in there! I have had one in my garden but not like yours, mine was a very drab female...oh for a male :)

  6. Jerry - I've yet to record reed Bunting in the garden, so that's a trumping of me!
    Bill - good luck with that, although Seth is the man on the spot so will hopefully come up with the goods and let the news out again.
    Seth - very pleased to get a snap of it, especially being such a fine adult male.
    Gavin - I'm pleased that you picked up on my field craft in approaching the Kittiwake - it even let me handle it being so relaxed in my presence!
    Stewart - I'd swap it for one of your back garden Barred Warblers...

  7. Well, thats the east coast influence kicking in there mate ;)
    One day I WILL get a Wryneck...