Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wheatear counter

Yes!! There are Wheatears in the UK - birds have been recorded in Ceredigion and Devon today (at least), so as a service to all those of you who like posting pictures of the little blighters I've installed a 'Wheatear Photo Upload' counter. As you can see from above, plenty of images already uploaded - and it's only March 5th! Let's see if we can make it two million before the spring is over. And don't forget - those big Greenland-types make for further photographic opportunities at the end of April and throughout May. We need something to take over from the zillions of Waxwing images that have been gumming up the system, don't we...


  1. Better not look at my blog for a couple of months. Not only Wheatears about the only birds to photograph on my patch in the spring, but I'm off to Morocco - it could send you over the edge! :-)

  2. It's all a bit 'tongue-in-cheek' Lee... these things amuse me I'm afraid.

  3. Don't worry Steve, I won't let you down.