Friday, 13 December 2013

Where in the world?

I was looking through some chalk downland images of mine after having read Robert Macfarlane's book The Old Ways, when I came across this old favourite of mine. Can anyone guess where it is? There is a prize, but I will not reveal what it is until it has been won...


  1. The undercliff near Cuckmere Haven?

  2. Danes Dyke, Flamboro ? (not exactly chalk downland....but i thought i`d throw it in anyway).

  3. Thanks for the guesses chaps - one of you is spot on. Step forward Seth 'Gibster' Gibson! Your prize is to have my next pan-species tick (that only has a latin name), named after you. I will big it up on this blog so that you can bathe in the limited glory...

  4. I`ll tell you where it looks like, the beach where Robin Hood lands with the Saracen in Prince of Thieves, just a thought...

    1. I thought that was called Mordor? Oops, wrong film!

  5. Oh Cool! One request, don't make it a lichen or liverwort?

    Actually, second request - can I be present when you find it? Weds/Thus each week I'm usually free!