Friday, 22 August 2014

A mini über patch

I need a purpose behind the time that I spend out in the field. If I don't have a purpose then I tend to wander about aimlessly and the result is a thin notebook populated by meaningless observations. So, to put the time that I spend locally back onto a positive and worthwhile footing, I am keeping my observations focused on the area illustrated above.

It is a combination of downland, farmland, common and woodland. It has very little water. There are no rivers. Botanically it is rich. It is an excellent area for butterflies and moths. As for birds, well, it will be hard work, but anything discovered will be all the more appreciated.

To keep me sane trips to Dungeness will be essential!


  1. But...but..but you CAN'T miss out on the wonder that is Priest Hill....

  2. Seth, the map lies! Priest Hill is part of it, if only so that I can get my fix of barbed-wire fencing....