Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Starfruit is born

I've longed after seeing Starfruit for many a year, but the trouble is it is rarer than the proverbial hen's tooth. But I was thrilled to find out that, after a nationwide gap of six years without any records at all, three sites in Surrey have come up trumps this year - one of them a site with no previous record! Now, whether these reappearances are down to habitat management (or surreptitious seed sowing), I do not know. But this morning I hot-footed it to one of the known historical sites and spent a good while in the company of Damasonium alisma, managing to obtain a pleasing set of images to boot.


  1. That's a smart plant indeed. Checking NBN in a minute to see if there are any in Devon!

    1. Unfortunately I very much doubt it Andrew

  2. Nice one Steve, I assume that is where I think it is. If so I looked in the wrong pond yesterday!!!!!!!