Sunday, 14 June 2015

Bordered Bores

Bordered Straws - don't you just hate 'em? That is, on the surface, a bloody stupid thing to write, but at the moment I am suffering from Bordered Straw overload. Every other tweet or post seems to possess an image of the bloody moth. I can understand the thrill of trapping your first one and wanting to share it with the world, but after a while it becomes so mind-numbingly boring. I've seen quite a few in 'real life' over the past week, even taking a few pictures of them, but you will not be seeing any of them on this blog...

My lack of recent posts is down to laziness and a week-long sojourn on the hallowed shingle. Marks out of ten - Birds (5), Plants (6), Moths (7), People (9). I did escape the peninsula to go and look for a very rare resident moth, which I will post about very soon indeed - you might even see the odd picture as accompaniment - but not of the target species...

So, what can I say about Dungeness over the past seven days? The numbers of butterflies were low, dragons and damsels were just starting to grow in volume, there was some interesting insect migration, certain plants were flowering in profusion (particularly English Stonecrop and Broom), but most were late or in poor show. Whatever is going on in the natural world, it is a magical place. I spent plenty of time just wandering and pontificating (to myself), soaking up the sun and bathing the soul in the spiritual warmth that I get from the place. Psued's Corner? Maybe, but I don't need to apologise for being a firm supporter and advocate of the place.


  1. But people are genuinely pleased to see them... like me. I haven't seen one since 2009. I think it's great that people post about their findings and nothing should be negative about this situation.
    If it's boring, don't read it that's what I say :)

  2. It's also a fair point that you're right Steve and many bloggers make that very mistake. "Here's a bird - here it is again looking the other way, here it is again an inch to the left - here it is looking at the sky - here it is looking at the ground". The G.G. Shrike in Kent this winter was a classic example.

  3. I agree that multiple shots of the same bird/moth/whatever is a bit boring unless it is a super close-up, they are something special and I like to see them as it is far beyond my equipment reach!
    I still don't get the people that travel miles to someone's house to see a moth and then proceed to tick it off! Wait, hang haven't found it. Most of this people are previous birders so perhaps that is why they do it?

  4. Half the problem is people continually competing with each other with macro'd to death shots, here in Kent it seems to be Odonata this year, OK until you read several blogs and get similar images each time.
    It's nice to read a blog such as Plover's below, where he has shots of wild flowers showing how they look as you walk past them, not how they would look on the end of your nose.

  5. BS overload at Portland Obs too but no Steve Gale which was a massive disappointment. Hopefully our paths shall cross at the next opportunity.

    Posting my images of BS in Devon online? Chance would be a fine thing.

    1. We will cross paths soon, I hope...