Monday, 6 February 2017

Warming up down on the farm

My last visit to Canons Farm was a slow affair, with few flocks of birds and the fields eerily quiet - well today things had picked up a bit. It wasn't exactly heaving, but a gathering of thrushes along the border of Broadfield and Poultry Field comprised 235 Redwing and 60 Fieldfare. The winter wheat in this area has grown above thrush height, so there were most probably many more hidden from view.

Another welcome gathering was 100+ Linnet (below) that sat in tree tops and sang amongst themselves, in a rather distracted and absent-minded way. The sound carried some distance, and together with several displaying Skylarks (and a singing Little Owl) gave the whole morning more than a touch of spring.

Other highlights included 2 Common Buzzard, a Kestrel (top), 5 Rooks and a single Yellowhammer. The countdown has definitely started - the 'downland' passage of Stonechats is now due, Common Buzzards and Red Kites are soon to be expected and it is touching distance before we can start to look out for early Wheatears...


  1. And the 2017 award for first mention of Wheatear goes to.......

    1. No Seth, other blogs have already bigged up the Whitearse!

    2. ....from blogs that I read... :)

  2. Looks like the linnets aren't sporting their breeding colours yet

  3. Minus zero temps. and biting N.E winds by the end of the week, so don't count on your Wheatears or Spring just yet.