Wednesday, 23 August 2017

More Willow Emerald Damselflies

Earlier today, Katrina and I met our good friends Gordon and Mieko Hay for a pub lunch at the Inn on the Pond, Nutfield Marsh. This is just a stone's throw from Holmethorpe SPs, and - it just so happened - Gordon and I had taken our optics along for the outing... cue post lunch walk, which took in a loop around Spynes Mere. The still, muggy air was most conducive to a bit of odonata action, with the most numerous species present being the 15-20 Willow Emerald Damselflies. They were happy to perch for the camera, but as a subject were difficult to capture well with the bridge camera. The best of my effort is above. If you want to see good quality images, take a look at what Marc Heath produces here  -  just shows you what skill, patience and top notch equipment can result in, three elements in which I sadly lack.


  1. A nice capture of one of my faves and many thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. I have been lucky to spend hours in their company studying and photographing them. There's still a lot to be learnt from them and I will continue to see what I can turn up. I regularly read your blog, keep up the good work, it's a great read.

    1. I have still to find a cure for the 'image envy' I suffer when I visit your site! Thank you very much for your own kind words, it's great to get positive feedback.

    2. Still to meet Willow Emerald, maybe we could arrange a day for this time next year to put that right? I could show you a sexy sedge or grass in return...? ;)

    3. Actually who am I kiddin'? You're well up on me in the sedge/grass stakes. Maybe a platyhelminth ot hydra instead? Or just a beer, I'd settle for that. Cheese and onion crisps though, right?

    4. All of the above Seth, apart from the flavour of crisps...