Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Banstead Bird Observatory

Meet the mini-Uber patch. This is the scaled down version of the ND&B self-appointed recording area. All this is within walking distance (max hour-and-a-half) from home. And I have a plan. This morning I was making a joke about forming the Banstead Bird Observatory. And then I thought -

why not?

Yes, I know it is very self-indulgent and silly, but a man has to have his follies in life, even if they are doomed to failure. So the map above shows you the recording area of the newly declared Banstead Bird Observatory. It cannot be accredited into the Bird Observatory network because it does not offer bird ringing facilities or accommodation. So, in reality, it exists purely in the mind of this misguided fool. But, as I like projects, this opens up an opportunity to start on a new one - the history of the BBO recording area. It may be 99.9% dry and it may get the coverage of approximately 3.2 birders per year, but the historical record does throw up some ornithological curve balls. And when it's finished I'll stick it on Google Drive for you to download for free - after all, who on earth would pay for it...


  1. That's more like it! Looks as if I'll be visiting my first bird obs that's closer to home than I thought... :)

  2. We are telepaths Steve. In June this year I knocked up a new blog called A VC68 Natural Observatory! My intention was to have the house as the Obs and my patch as recording area, as you would, but it never got off the ground. I am really looking forward to your chat about your Banstead Obs, just to see what could have been though I am never so well written as ND&B ....

  3. Great idea - I look forward to visiting the Observatory on my infrequent visits south (my Mum lives in Ewell so I do have accommodation!)

  4. Steve, good to see the area covers all four of the Banstead commons!

    1. Of which you are honorary warden John! And head of botanical recording...