Monday, 4 April 2011

(Whisper it), it's a Pan-species post

It's been a while since I mentioned my Pan-species list. The last time I did, it produced a stream of bile from a self-procalimed 'normal person' in Kent. So, if you don't like the idea of blokes identifying anything that moves (and plenty of other things that don't), look away now...

At the moment, my list stands on 2671, comprising:
Flora (1360), Moths (675), Butterflies (50), Birds (370), Dragonflies (33), Fungi (28), Mammals (32), Marine life (11), Other invertebrates (56), Amphibians (5), Reptiles (4), Fish (17), Snails (4), Mosses, lichens and liverworts (23), Grasshoppers (2), Others (1).

I could have added many species over the weekend, especially when walking through the knee-high emerging vegetation at Beddington, where plenty of small beetles, spiders and other creepy-crawlies were on show, but I had no net, no containers and, if I'm honest, no chanceof pinning a firm id on them. One that didn't get away was the spider Pisaura mirabilis, pictured above.


  1. And you want some of what I'm on LOL!

  2. Keep at it, Steve. There`s not enough knowledge in my head for me to have a go.

  3. Alan: I STILL want some of what you were on the other evening!

    Dean: the trouble is, the knowledge in my head has a habit of leaking out...

  4. Hi Steve

    Don't see TOO many new species or you will be catching up with me! LOL


  5. No chance Sarah. And sorry about suggesting that Pan-species listing was a 'blokes' thing as it clearly isn't! I hope you add a heap of species to yours this year.