Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blog off Blogger

Is anybody else suffering from not being able to comment on other peoples posts, or even being allowed to reply to comments being left on your own blog? I keep getting sent into a spiral of signing in...

Of course, if everyone is having this problem then nobody is going to respond to this post, are they...

By the way, my Rannoch Looper this morning (see last post) was one of several caught in the south of England today. It was my 386th species of macro recorded in the garden, since 1987. What's the chance of reaching 400?


  1. Well I managed to post this comment Steve but then forgot what I was going to say!!!!

  2. I read a footnote on Warren Baker's blog (Pittswood Birds) that if you uncheck the 'keep me signed in' box it sorts the problem, and it seems to have done so for me as I was having the same round-the-houses as you.

  3. Yes - having similar problems commenting on some blogs. Seems to work okay if I use Firefox instead of IE (like now).

  4. Is it a day flier Phantom ? I took a pic of something like that at the farm today

  5. Thanks for the help chaps - let's see if I can publish this reply without any problems...

    Hi Johnny, it is found by day as well. Derek Coleman found two about a mile from the farm yesterday (Saturday).