Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A sodden moth trap

Last night seemed mild enough to expect a bit of moth action in the garden, so out went the MV and down came the rain. It was still bucketing down when I stirred in the early hours and was still raining when I switched the MV off at about 07.00hrs. The total catch was poor and lacking in variety, not unusual for the garden when it doesn't stop raining. Best of a poor bunch was this Mullein, always good to see. So far, whereas other Surrey gardens have been pulling in Blossom Underwings and Dotted Chestnuts, I have been under-achieving here in Banstead. But it only takes one moth to turn that scenario around...


  1. Nice one Steve. Not run my trap for some time despite the mild weather. I just know if I do then it means more time at the microscope gen detting and I am already swamped under. Anyway, I am finding enough interesting micros by day to keep me ticking along. I have thought this might be the way I go this season, looking for micros.

  2. Andrew, I can most probably find a new micro each day throughout the summer if I wanted to!