Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tree-lichen Beauty

From a UK screaming rarity to a 'nightly' back garden moth, the Tree-lichen Beauty has had its status re-written several times over the past twenty years. I have started to trap it on most nights now, and during last summer had a peak of four on one evening. The individual photographed above shows a particularly colourful moth - some of them can appear almost monochrome.


  1. Totally agree, a beautiful moth. Had an incredible 11 last week - bonkers! Check this pic out: http://www.leedingain.com/2014/07/warm-spell-brings-out-moths.html

    1. Hi Lee, Pete Alfrey pointed me in the direction of your 11 Tree-lichen Beauty image - bonkers, as you say. And get this - in 1991 Dave Walker phoned me from Dungeness to say that he had just trapped one, which was the first in the UK for donkey's years. I almost drove down to see it...