Tuesday, 23 December 2014

224 and a Merry Christmas

There may not be snow down here in the balmy south-east (it was 15-16C yesterday), but we do sometimes get it - just not at Christmas. So in lieu of a suitably festive image, please accept this snowy scene from Canons Farm a couple of January's ago. Whatever you are doing, may you have an enjoyable and peaceful Christmas.

224? That is the number of posts that I've inflicted upon you so far this year. It also beats last years record total of 223. Pointless statistics are a way of life for me...


  1. Thanks for all your great posts during the year Steve; hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas break!

  2. Thank you Jerry and may the Blumire family have a peaceful and merry holiday too.

  3. Happy Christmas to you Steve and a productive 2015 year :D