Friday, 26 December 2014

On the first day of Christmas... true love sent to me

500 Ring-necked Parakeets squawking!

Yesterday we were guests of my brother and sister-in-law in Redhill, and after an excellent lunch, just as the light was starting to fade, I slipped out to take in a bit of fresh air (and to give our dog a walk). Making my way along Carlton Road I could hear the raucous cries of Ring-necked Parakeets from some way off and soon found them gathered in half-a-dozen mature conifer trees. A whoosh over my left shoulder alerted me to a low-flying flock of a further 50, joining the 150 that I had just been watching. Within a minute another three flocks had arrived from the west, the largest numbering 100. I stayed just another couple of minutes, the cold and the promise of a table laden with food reason enough to abandon my brief parakeet vigil, but not before I had counted 500 of the green perils. Maybe I should have stayed to get a complete count...


  1. We have about 300 roosting by the railway line along Frenches Road, close to where the Waxwings were a few years back. They fly off en masse each morning over our house

  2. Hi Neil, speaking to Gordon he was saying that there are four-figure roost counts in the area