Friday, 12 December 2014

Is it as dull where you are?

Very few Bramblings. Hardly any Redpolls or Siskins. No Waxwings and certainly no white-winged gulls. And there are no flocks of Hawfinches in that special valley. To be honest, on a local level  it is all a bit dreary. The thrush flocks are of a medium size, the Chaffinch and Linnet flocks are very ordinary and nothing to get the pulse racing is flying over. I always hope for a garden Goosander (overhead, not on the pond, that is just about the same size as the sawbill) or a trickle of Golden Plover, but even such modest winter expectations are not being met. It could all be a different tale within a few weeks, but at the moment the birding is utterly predictable.


  1. Could be the lull before the 'weather bomb'

  2. Ah yes, the December doldrums, happens every year about this time, coinciding with the consumer frenzy that is the run in to ******mas (I just cannot bring myself to type the dreaded word). Even the sawbills have deserted us down here at Dungeness, where we`re reduced to checking through the Laridae for a Caspo. Fun stuff a, still, I`m off to see the final instalment of the Hobbit soon at Chavford, so that should buck me up, and you never know, might find a Waxo on the retail park bushes... or perhaps a Roughie on the Marsh en-route, unsure why I`ve slipped into colloquial mode...anyhow...rambling now...need more tea...then we`re off over the pits once the gloom lifts, to check the ducks...merry...solstice...and here`s to a happy `bird bomb` on NYDay.

  3. Thanks for the comments chaps. For us inlanders, let's hope that it gets a bit more lively soon. As for Paul, he just has to put up with Cattle Egrets, Great White Egrets, Bitterns, Caspian Gulls... :-)