Saturday, 4 March 2017

Cornelian Cherry

Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas) is a naturalised member of the dogwood family, which rarely self-seeds in Surrey - but, at Priest Hill, a couple of trees have indeed done so. The parent tree stands close to the old tennis courts on the northern border, with both of the offspring hugging the edge of the chalk scrapes nearby. The yellow flowers (below) are small, and act as a good source of nectar for early spring flying insects. As I stood chatting with local botanist Peter Wakeham, we observed a small number of bees taking advantage.

After three blank visits I was pleased to find four Reed Buntings still on site. Stonechats continue to move through, with three present this morning (one of the females above). A single flock of 12 Redwing were the only winter thrushes found.


  1. Aaah man, grrrrripped! I've even walked past those :(

  2. When you're back down this way Seth, a viewing can be organised...

  3. Great news! Be good to see how Priest Hill is developing and finally have that 'beer and chat' :)

  4. Wheatears seen in Norfolk today, they're going past without you seeing them. A Swallow at Sandwich Bay a couple of days ago as well.

    1. They just love to sneak past Derek!!