Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Facebook? Face ache?

I was quite a late adopter of Facebook. I only created an account when the Pan-species Listing Group created a page and started to put a lot of useful information on it. And then I realised that an awful lot of natural history themed societies and interest groups had done the same, so I joined them. And when you do that, individuals get to see that you are floating around cyberspace, so they send you a Facebook friend request. And likewise, I've seen people floating around as well, and sent them friend requests. And after a while, voila, my Facebook thread is constantly filled with all sorts of stuff. Most of it interesting, some of it useful, but my God I do appear to have friended a load of narcissists! There are people out there who cannot help themselves but update their profile picture every few days, or post about how many push-ups they can do, what brilliant birders they are or how marvellous their car/camera/holiday/house is. And don't get me started on those that feel compelled to pose for a picture with a moth hanging off the end of their nose! Why do that? They're not playthings!! There have been times when I have felt like jacking this social media guff all in (not counting blogging of course!) Admittedly, these postings that annoy me are harmless, and the people who are doing it are good people, so what's my problem? Just call me a miserable old git I suppose. Lacking in a sense of humour. But sometimes Facebook does come up trumps, like the recent rise in profile of the Langley Vale arable plants, that has seen an increase in communication between botanists up and down the country and the Woodland Trust. The result has been a lot of frank discussion and some positive noises as to the plants safeguarding. So I'll stick with good old Face ache a bit longer. Now please excuse me, I need to take a selfie of my rippling muscles whilst I lie draped across the bonnet of an expensive car whilst pulling a pouty face and update my profile picture. Lol.


  1. Replies
    1. I will do Jono, but I'm having trouble with my thong...

    2. Wow! Rippling, draping, pouting, and thinging a thong at the thame time. Thuperb!

    3. Better than an incredibly challenging gull eh Gav....