Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Stinking Hawk's-beard is NOT extinct

Please excuse me as I post a few items from the archives - those archives that exist between when I packed-up blogging and decided to start up again. Cheap and mindless fodder to fill-in until I get inspiration, annoyed or see something worthwhile... First up is a botanical rarity of the highest order. Stinking Hawk's-beard was declared extinct in the UK back in the 1980's. Dungeness was its last station. Seed from the hallowed shingle had been collected and a programme of reintroduction was started at both Dungeness and Rye Harbour (see British Wildlife magazine for a full account). But in July 2010 an undiscovered wild colony was found, numbering several thousand plants. I cannot tell you where for fear of having my nipples surgically removed, but I can give you a's on shingle. The photo above is of the pappus which is easier to find than its non-descript yellow flower. If you think that you have found this plant then crush its leaves - they smell of TCP. It just shows you how a heavily botanised area such as...whoops, I almost said where... can still throw up such surprises.


  1. Welcome back Steve, you were definately one of the best writers in my opinion. I knew you wouldnt be gone for too long ;)

  2. Thanks Stewart. the cheque is in the post...