Thursday, 29 May 2014

A new rant King in town...

And I thought that I could 'go off on one'...

If you haven't already read his posts about BBC's Springwatch, please visit Paul Trodd's Plovers blog (click here) to be thoroughly entertained and schooled in the ways of 'rant'. I couldn't do better myself! I hope he carries on with his analysis of the presenters presentation skills, the dumbing-down of natural history and the sheer joy that only middle-aged men in grumpy moods can give to others who are just like them. Just ignore the Blyth's Reed Warbler grip-off!


  1. He's good, that Plover bloke

  2. Springwatch is the naffest TV show I have ever seen. It makes my physically cringe within seconds. If there is interesting content, which I'm sure is possible, I've never made it that far.