Friday, 2 May 2014

Local mooching

An eight-hour stint in the Canons Farm - Banstead Woods - Chipstead Bottom area. The NE wind was chilly, the light constantly dull and the drizzle kept off until late afternoon. This did nothing for bird song or migrants, so it was just as well that my main aim today was to look for plants.

There was an awful lot in flower, with some species, (Bluebell, Ground-ivy, Crosswort and Germander Speedwell) carpeting the ground in some places. I was pleased to come across a single Solomon's Seal and the Fames Rough Fly Orchids were already in flower.

It wasn't a day for inverts, but I did come across the uncommon (but expanding) Bryony Ladybird.

Bryony Ladybird - if a duffer like me can stumble across this species twice locally then they must be increasing

Ground Ivy - carpeting the ground in many places

Dryad's Saddle - if only all fungi was this big and obvious


  1. Bryony Ladybird is one I would surely make an effort to see if I was in the range. Nice!

    1. They'll be in Devon before too long Andrew