Friday, 7 August 2015

395 or 396, but who cares?

This morning's moth trap contents were a strange affair - it was quite a small total but did include a number of scarce species for the site, the fourth Barred Rivulet (left), the seventh Peacock Moth and the 10th Black Arches.

I am getting close to recording 400 species of macro in the garden, so thought that I'd have a count up of where the total actually stood. I wish I hadn't bothered, as I kept on getting differing totals. 395 or 396 seems to be the best guesstimate, but to be honest I cannot be arsed to try again. My mind is obviously elsewhere at the moment, most probably thinking about when Tottenham are going to get around to bolstering their forward line...

I must thank Billy Dykes for pointing out my schoolboy error in initially naming the Barred Rivulet as a Small Seraphim. Maybe I need to spend a bit more time swotting up on my moths this winter!


  1. Steve - just to confuse you a bit more, your Small Seraphim has markings and a wing shape better suited to Barred Rivulet for me.

  2. Hope Spurs don't have a forward line tomorrow.

  3. You most certainly do, for around 50 years.

  4. I have an even more provocative affiliation Steve... But one that I hope you can see beyond!

    Poor old Spurs. How is it they manage to take one Gareth Bale, sell him for a simply staggering amount of cash, blow said cash on almost an entire new team, and still look like a pale shadow of themselves? I feel for the club, I really do.

    Some more plant posts coming up shortly for you from Shetland. Have been out checking on my Autumn Gentians and Small Adder's-tongues... and they're lookin' good.

    1. Do I detect a Gooner posting? Yes Jon, the Bale money was squandered...

      Looking forward to the plant posts!