Sunday, 9 August 2015

A fly worth looking at

I tend to leave flies alone. A lot of them look similar, need keys to identify them and give me the impression of being hard to do. Up until now there has been just one species of fly that gave me a bolt of excitement, and that was Tachina grossa, a brute of a beast. Today, that was joined by another, when this Nowickia ferox was discovered at Headley Heath, Surrey. My assumption that this is, in fact, ferox, is game for shooting down - no doubt there are several similar species that need their palps, genitals and the third hair on the right leg examined by a CT scanner...


  1. Very nice. I am pleased to see a fly making it on to your blog.

    1. I take it from your comment Andrew that this is ferox?

  2. Looks good enough to me. Tachina fera is the closest resemblance but quite different.