Friday, 2 June 2017

More quality

Just a quick post - back home now after yet another day of quality, with a further Bee-eater and two Black-winged Stilts. I also had a very lucky escape....

After I have sorted through several hundred images I'll write more about my tremendous fortnight at Dungeness. Never a dull moment, fantastic people and more treasured memories. I'll be back there soon.


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  2. How are the bruises and the scabs? Can you walk this morning ? 😊

    1. Yes Gill, remarkably well! I was very lucky indeed - I could easily have suffered serious injury, and the optics seemed to have survived. And thanks for the first aid administering, much appreciated.

  3. Mown down by a bunch of twitchers? Fall down the pub steps late one evening? Did you climb the outside of the lighthouse for a dare? Spill the beans, mister! :)