Monday, 5 June 2017

Three moths

This Death's-head Hawk-moth was found at rest on the outside wall of one of the beach dwellings at Dungeness. It was the second that I have seen there. It posed perfectly for photographers, and was released unharmed to carry on its nocturnal foraging - a shame that all such moths do not get to do so...
I was more than chuffed when Bob Arnfield appeared one morning to show us this Purple Cloud, trapped at the Dungeness Long Pits. Only the c30th for the UK and a species that I have long dreamed of seeing.
Rest Harrow has only recently been found to breed at Dungeness. Known up the coast at Kingsdown and Sandwich Bay (where I have previously seen them), this species does, on the rare occasion, turn up elsewhere.


  1. Not often a Death's Head gets upstaged but I think that Purple Cloud may have just about managed it.

  2. Some belters there Steve, that purple Cloud is glorious...

    1. I was only too pleased to jam into it Stewart