Monday, 22 August 2011

P*n-species update - for sad twats only

The latest pan-species update is:

Flora 1378 (+2)
Mosses & Liverworts 36 (+9)
Lichen 23 (+12)
Fungi 32 (+2)
Birds 375
Moths 710 (+2)
Butterflies 50
Dragonflies 34
Mammals 32
Amphibians 5
Reptiles 4
Fish 17
Snails & Slugs 8
Marine 45 (+25)
Worms 1
Leeches 1
Algae 1
Thysanura (Bristletails) 1
Orthoptera (Grasshoppers) 3
Dermaptera (Earwigs) 1
Hemiptera (Shieldbugs, hoppers) 10 (+1)
Thysanoptera (Thrips, Lice) 1
Neuropterans (Lacewings) 2
Trichoptera (Caddisflies) 2
Diptera (Flies) 20 (+2)
Hymenoptera (Wasps, Bees, Ants) 20 (+1)
Coleoptera (Beetles) 31
Centipedes 4
Millipedes 2
Woodlice 4
Ticks, Mites, Harvestmen 4
Spiders 13
TOTAL: 2870
Most of the additions have come courtesy of Cornish rock pools and beaches. Will I reach 3,000 before the end of the year? It would be easy enough to do if I put my mind to it, but I'm quite happy with letting things come to me. I could target hoverflies, fungi, mosses and lichens in the next few weeks and get very close. That would still leave me a good 7,000 species behind Jonty Denton - I bet he's quaking in his boots...


Stewart said...

Worms. Thats an easy one for a few ticks. A wander around the garden compost heap and lawn with a torch at night will find Earthworm ( Lumbricus terrestris) Brandling, Red Worm, Blue Worm. Then there are the seashore Black and Harbour Lug, Harbour and King Rag...Thread Worm, Check the dogs,er, toilet...Oh dear I'm a sad twat too...

Steve Gale said...

Thanks for the tip off Stewart - I will wander out with a torch and dedicate any ticks to your good self!

Flora said...

Didn't you tick any seaweeds in Cornwall or did you bung them under marine rather than algae?
Slugs and snails should be easy to get a few ticks, esp. if you have a pond.
What about plant galls, do they count or do you need to see the insect?
I was also going to suggest sticking your head in a compost bin.

Steve Gale said...

Hi Mel, all my seaweed ticks have been added to the 'Marine' category. Maybe not very scientific, but then neither am I...
Plant galls don't count, only the insects.
I spend most of my day with my head stuck at a computer screen, so a compost bin won't be that much different, will it!!

Alastair said...

Why not try world listing Steve? According to today's Guardian there are a possible 8,700,000 species on the planet. By the way, very impressed with your plant and moth totals however, your beetle total is rather meagre - do species have to be alive? I used to do a lot of pitfall trapping, but the quarry was RIP when seen and identified.

Steve Gale said...

Hi Alastair, my beetle total is pants, I know and they do have to be alive!

Mark G. Telfer said...

Steve, I've updated your total on my pan-species listing rankings ( It's nip and tuck as to whether you or Sarah Patton will get to 3,000 first but far be it from me to stir up compeition!
As for your beetle list, maybe we should meet up at Beddington and do some beetling?

Steve Gale said...

Mark, your kind suggestion to 'do some beetling' would be a one-way street of you identifying beetles and me saying 'Oh, that's a tick'...