Friday, 12 October 2012

Tweeting hell!

Working in the media as I do (lovey), I have been aware of Twitter for quite a long time. Early doors a web chappie set an account up for me and I sent out my first tweets - no doubt some trite rubbish about nothing in particular. When the web chappie turned his back I stopped tweeting...

My last post had me explaining why I re-activated my Twitter account. And I now have a confession to make. I haven't stopped using it. I have started to follow a good number of natural history related tweeters (and so far only those that might give me a bit of natural history gen, so, for the time being I do not follow Stephen Fry or Tulisa). I check to see if I've gathered any extra followers and feel wanted if I have. I also check far too regularly to see what's being seen and have not been so gunned up since the 1980s. One or two of those I follow have many fingers in the political scene so I'm most probably able to comment on airport expansions and badger culls with far more authority than before.

There are downsides. Sitting in an office being bombarded by birders sending out news of falls, rarities and sea watches can play havoc with my concentration and mood levels. I can now be in a grumpy mood because all those lucky devils out birding are knee-deep in Redwings and Yellow-broweds while I'm meant to be slaving in front of a computer screen- but find myself hunched over a phone waiting for the next tweet to upload.

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