Tuesday, 29 July 2014

It's that big hoverfly with the white saddle

This is Volucella pelluscens. It's a hoverfly and it's one that you, me and the person with no natural history knowledge at all can safely identify, because it is large and has a body coloured and patterned like a Giant Panda - all you need to do is master the Latin name to score extra brownie points.

The garden MV is being hogged by Tree-lichen Beauties and Jersey Tigers at the moment. Who could have predicted that a few years ago? I'm still hopeful of a screaming rarity coming my way, but in the meantime have to make do with these recent colonists.


Unknown said...

".............all you need to do is master the Latin name to score extra brownie points."

Sorry to be pedantic but, it's pellucens.

A common favourite for sure, they always cheer me up. I was looking out for Volucella zonaria or V. inanis today as they are apparently 'having a good year'. Not round here yet for sure!

Still, finding my first adult Xanthandrus comtus along the local canal today was very satisfying.

Not commented for some time but I have still been reading this blog on the tablet. Not easy to respond on that thing as I am not of an early enough generation.

Unknown said...

I meant to say late enough generation. Kinda shot myself in the foot there with the pedantry business!

Steve Gale said...

You can be as pedantic as you wish Andrew... I like a good pedant!