Battle of the Wheatears!!

And I thought that the North Downs and beyond Wheatear trophy had already been decided.

I totted up the white-arses from my worthy blogs this evening to find that there has been a mid-month surge from a certain Surrey blogger...

Wanstead Birder (Jono Lethbridge) Essex   17
Non-stop Birding (Peter Alfrey) Surrey   16
Cowboy Birder (Tony Brown) Essex   7

Peter has cunningly used the 'multiple Wheatears in one image' rule to bump up his score. I now expect a certain lensman from Wanstead to hit back big time. Even the Kent boys have awoken from their slumber, but are still not bothering the leaderboard. It all comes to an end at midnight on April 30th.

It's shaping up to be a classic encounter.


I've got some in reserve. I'd been holding back for quality control reasons, but I now see that it's an all-out numbers game so I'll have to wheel them out. Apologies in advance.
Steve Gale said…
Jono, bring them on...

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