Wheatear Trophy update

There are just 28 days to go until the prizes are handed out at the annual North Downs and Beyond Wheatearfest! My attempts to secure the services of a celebrity to present the trophies has hit a snag, as Jeremy Clarkson has had to withdraw due to unforeseen and ongoing matters. Being a birder meant that he was prepared to carry out the Master of Ceremonies role very cheaply indeed - my budget might just about stretch to Rolf Harris (if we can secure his day release from prison, that is).

At the moment there are three front runners for the big prize - of most images posted on a single blog. They are:

Wanstead Birder (Jono Lethbridge) 14
Cowboy Birder (Tony Brown) - 8
Non-stop Birding (Peter Alfrey) - 7

The current holder of the title, Martin Casemore (Plodding Birder), has not been defending his title with anything but a great big dollop of apathy, as just two Wheatear images adorn his blog (although there are 564 images of the Dungeness Cattle Egrets to compensate). If I were a betting man I'd suggest that this year the trophy will be heading towards Essex... but there's still time to put in a challenge. If you don't know what the hell this is all about then you can read the rules by clicking here.


Warren Baker said…
be nice to have a wheatear visit Steve, not had a sniff of one yet!
Steve Gale said…
That makes two of us Warren :-(

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