Thursday, 16 September 2010

Anatomy of a patch watcher

To be a successful patch worker you need...

Optimism - "That flock of Linnets could attract a Common Rosefinch"

Blind faith - "That flock of Linnets will, one day, attract a Common Rosefinch"

Determination - "If I check that flock of Linnets three times a day I will find a Common Rosefinch"

Imagination - "That sparrow-like bird with the Linnet flock could have been a Common Rosefinch"

Appreciation - "My goodness, doesn't that flock of Linnets (without a Common Rosefinch with them) look grand"

But it can all go wrong...

Envy - "That bastard down the road has had a Common Rosefinch in his Linnet flock and he only checks them twice a day"

Anger - "Why the bloody hell as every other Linnet flock within twenty miles got something in with them apart from my flock?"

Despair - "My life will never be complete until I find a Common Rosefinch in my Linnet flock. I'm a feeble, sad, lonely man and a crap birder to boot"

Defeat - "Sod this for a game of soldiers, I'm off to Dungeness. I hate Linnets"


Graham James said...

The first section of your post reminds me of someone we both know very well Steve!

Simon Taylor said...

Reminds me of myself. I'll get Common Rosefinch on my patch one day.......

DorsetDipper said...

I think the bottom line is you have to enjoy just being out at your local patch, and watching whatever birds are around. Anything unusual is a bonus.

John Young said...

What about just blatent stringing. Jesus! it's a flock of Common Rosefinches with that Linnet. Then going home happy.

Steve Gale said...

Graham: I don't know who you mean...:-)

Simon: Surely a birder from Kernow can do better than a Rosefinch. A yankee warbler at least!

DDipper: You are, as always, the voice of reason

John: I'd forgotten about stringing. maybe it is too painful an admission for me.

seppy said...

No, stringy is what you label the fella who comes poaching onto your patch when your not looking, and claims a rosefinch in your flock of linnets that you've been watching all autumn!!

You've captured the many facets of patch birding very well!

And the password for leaving a comment was speaw, which is what you'd probably do when you finally hear about the rosefinch!