Thursday, 30 September 2010


I have all day Saturday too go birding. A 24 hour pass from domestic chores, not that I do that many domestic chores to be honest. There is a bit of painting and decorating that could be done, there's a back door that has started to stiffen up and a bit of insulating that could be laid in the loft. But no, they can wait (my wife may suggest that they permanently wait).

So, Saturday. Where to go? What to do?

The options are:

Dungeness. There are two Buff-breasted Sandpipers in the area and I've no doubt that migrants have been stirred up a bit this week so there could be plenty on offer.

Another south-east site: Oare Marshes (White-rumped Sandpiper), Bockhill (lovely place but I never score there), Pagham (an old favourite).

Birdguides: weigh up the options on Friday evening and follow the sheep to the nearest goody.

Stay local: hmmm, a few Yellow-broweds dotted about the country, Ring Ouzels leaping about urban wastelands throughout London, both of these would be more than acceptable locally.

At the moment, local trailblazing is winning. I could do a Holmethorpe/Colley Hill/ Canons Farm grand tour, but I really do need to tone down my expectations if I do this. Enjoy the day (it won't be pissing down as tomorrow and Sunday will be). There might even be a few late butterflies on the wing. This all sounds quite acceptable at the moment.


Kingsdowner said...

Come down to the seaside Steve - if all else fails you can have a paddle.
Bockhill's due for a goodie, and Sandwich Bay is nearby.

Graham James said...

Strong onshore winds along the south coast forecast for Friday, easing off for Saturday, Steve. Sounds like a visit to Dunge could produce a good sea-watch.
Then again, if my past record of predicting good seawatching days are anything to go by, maybe you'd be better off doing that decorating instead.

FAB said...

Quite a dilemma, but whatever you decide..have fun.

Steve Gale said...

Steve: more than tempting, I must admit.

Graham: can you bring your brushes round with you?

Frank: I will try to have fun, honest!